Quiz Software

Quiz Software: This is the Question Writer quiz maker software. It has a wide range of question types, and supports lots of extra features. Partial credit questions let you set different marks, even negative marks, for different options in a question. Essay style and free text box questions allow students to enter text to answer questions. It lets you attach images and Flash movies and sounds to provide more material to ask a question on. It's very customizable, so any of the labels in the quiz and report can be changed. It also comes with 20 different themes, from the sedate to the bizarre!

Question Writer - Personal Edition This version is free for personal use. It is Windows software that allows you to create and publish Flash quizzes for use on the desktop or online. It is very easy to use, supports multiple choice questions and gives feedback on the right and wrong answers. It allows the quiz-taker to print out a certificate report at the end of the quiz with a final score and pass/fail message. An especially nice feature is that it'll send the student's results and responses to you by e-mail - so it's easy to keep track of how well students are doing.

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